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About the Trust

‘Novum’ literally means ‘a new thing’. Isaiah records in Chapter 43 the Lord doing ‘a new thing’ and the Novum Trustees are guided to support new work with the provision of small short-term grants to initiate projects in Christian action and research which cannot readily be financed from other sources. Sometimes this is due to the project and its backers not being well known, or because there is a degree of risk attached to the project, or because of other reasons.

The funds at the disposal of the Trustees are limited. In order to be able to help as many projects as possible, the Trustees are unwilling to give continuing support to any one project, and all awards should be considered as one-offs. For general guidance, grants are typically between £500 and £2,500.

The Novum Trust Supports:



The Trustees are drawn from backgrounds in youth work, communication, finance, the law and a wide spectrum of the life of the church.

Who we help

Primarily, it is intended that the Trust should provide funding for projects where they are: